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2008/09 Patek Philippe Gondolo Annual Calendar 18K White Gold 5135

2008/09 Patek Philippe Gondolo Annual Calendar 18K White Gold 5135

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Brand: Patek Philippe
Reference: 5135
Model: Gondolo Annual Calendar
Circa: 2008/09
Movement: Automatic
Calibre: 324 S QA LU 24H
Case: 18K White Gold
Bracelet: Leather
Size: 55mm x 38mm
Dial Colour: Grey
Crystal: Sapphire
Bezel: 18K White Gold
Condition: Excellent
Box: Yes
Papers: Yes
Water Resistance: 30M
Warranty: 2 year Patek Philippe service warranty


The Patek Philippe 5135 Gondolo is a distinctive and elegant wristwatch known for its unique tonneau-shaped (barrel-shaped) case design. Here are some key features and details about this watch:

1Case Design: The 5135 Gondolo features a tonneau-shaped case, which sets it apart from traditional round watch cases. This shape gives it a more elongated and stylish appearance.

Dial: The watch typically has a clean and classic dial design with various complications. It may include features like day, date, month, and moon phase displays, making it a highly functional timepiece.

Movement: Patek Philippe is renowned for its high-quality movements, and the 5135 is no exception. It likely houses a mechanical automatic movement, known for its precision and reliability.

Materials: Patek Philippe watches are often crafted from premium materials. The case of the 5135 Gondolo may be made from precious metals like 18k white gold, enhancing its luxurious appeal.

Strap: It usually comes with a high-quality leather strap that complements the overall design and adds to the comfort of wearing the watch.

Water Resistance: While Patek Philippe watches are not typically designed for extreme water resistance, they are well-suited for everyday wear and occasional exposure to water.

Legacy: Patek Philippe is renowned for its rich watchmaking heritage and is considered one of the most prestigious Swiss watch brands. The Gondolo collection, including the 5135, continues to be highly sought after by watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Please note that specific variations and details of the Patek Philippe 5135 Gondolo may vary depending on the model and year of production.


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